MacJournal test

I’ve been using Ecto for a long time now, but it still feels a bit clunky. The stuff I like are the way you can add pictures and make them scale, but for the rest… Nah. Not really.

The raving review on MacHeist suggests that you can do better with MacJournal, even though it might not be actually usable for blogging. We’ll find out, won’t we.

So far, setting up the account is quite easy, it found WordPress by itself.

That also works like a charm. Wow. I’m impressed.

What I’m, however, not very impressed with is my rate of blogging. It wasn’t spectacular in the first place, but it’s rather terrible.

Really, it became a wasteblog, like so many other blogs out there. And why would mine be any different. Well, maybe this is a “I’ve got to change my life sometime” event, where I really get things done (thanx David Allen).

So far I have been using MacJournal to actually keep a list of my ideas and early drafts of pieces I want to write. For that purpose it’s working like a charm so far. The only thing holding me back is that way in which it handles various fonts which is, to say it mildly, strange.


New to the world.

Finally, a blog solution that actually works out of the box with my trusty ecto blogwriter. Not that I like ecto too much, but since I’ve paid for it, I will use it. It was absolutely horrendous with

What is to be expected on this blog. Well, the usual blogs about programming in C, C++, Java and the various scripting languages about. (Mostly python, but I might start with Ruby, real soon now).

Further than that, there may be a lot of things I’ll be blogging about. Subscribe to the RSS feed, and you’ll see.

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