Building Boost-Graph-Library with Python

Today I finally found why bgl-python wasn’t building, there was a three-line buglet in boost/graph/astar_search.hpp found by Andy Tompkins. By applying his patch to astar_search.hpp (and including it in the bgl-python codebase, it builds without errors (only some strict-aliasing rule warnings remain).

Best is: it also compiles on Mac OS X 10.6.3 with XCode 3.2.1

But, so far I must say I really hate bjam as a building tool. I’m seriously considering going with cmake as build system. Any opinions whether or not that’s a good idea?


2 responses to “Building Boost-Graph-Library with Python

  1. Yeah, I don’t understand why the Boost peeps want to build a whole build system when CMake already exists?

    Speaking of which, I downloaded the CMake-optimized version of Boost 1.41, generated an Xcode project from it, and seem to have most of it compiling for iPhone.

    iostreams has errors because Bzlib.h doesn’t exist.
    program_options fails because Crt_externs.h doesn’t exist
    wave fails because of this, which I don’t know the meaning of:
    {standard input}:22727:branch out of range
    {standard input}:22710:branch out of range
    {standard input}:22691:branch out of range

  2. The maths library needs to have the pre-compiled headers turned off to build properly. Add pch=off to the command line.

    For iphone you can copy across the missing headers from the SDK. Their being missing appears to be a bug.

    We have a set of build scripts for various platforms and various versions of Boost available at — I’m in the process of going through getting x86 32/64 properly working in there at the moment. The iphone script is already there with the right patches for the missing headers.

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