Holiday tips

When everyone is going on holiday, I’ve seen a number of sites with some helpful holiday tips:

  • Symantec: Safe Summer Travels on the Information Superhighway. Generic tips that are valid at any time, not only during the summer holidays. If would be specific if it at least mentioned the hazards of your laptop/pda/phone falling into the pool/lake/sea.
  • Washington Post: Travelers’ laptops may be detained. The Post runs an article on all the privileges given to the US Customs and Border patrol. They are outrageous, but, in all reality, any border patrol or customs service has the same capabilities. What’d be interesting is how often personal electronic belongings are kept at the border? If they kept any laptop coming across the border, there wouldn’t be enough time in a day to analyze them all from one flight. If you’re concerned about this, either don’t go across the border or bring a clean laptop and transport the data via the internet and VPN at a later date.
  • has an article about how you can lower the chance of being involuntary being separated from your gear.