Skimming is for whimps

Skimming, the practice of augmenting checkout points with ‘extra functionality’ such that the skimmed debit- or creditcards can be reused by others than the original owner is for whimps. You have to get to the checkout counter and swap the devices and everything. You can also break in ‘virtually’ and have the servers send it to you. Wholesale trading of nicked cards is also becoming a commodity in the botnet market, so this fits right in. The volumes have to go up to keep a proper profit margin. It’s all in the economy, stupid!


Mobile spyapps?

This article poses the question that mobile spying applications will be on the rise in the foreseeable future, because it will get lucrative fast to write the software.

I have my doubts. Current use of mobile internet is quite low and the number of platforms is too big.