Using “evil” dataretention for emergency (e911 and 112) services good

LunaticThought wrote an article “Using “evil” dataretention for emergency (e911 and 112) services good” which suggests that it’d be a good idea to swat two flies in one stroke if the location register is merged with the data retention archives. Personally I think e911 services are not going to benefit from the data retention integration. The other way around is a huge benefit for the Four Horsemen of the InternetApocalypse.

It can be argued that when the information on location for the e911/112 services is properly implemented the EC will jump on that with a ferocity equal to a starved bear in spring. Because one of the most important questions asked in any intelligence question is where was that target at the time? A location register where each registration is maintained will be a goldmine. Especially when more and more GSM/UMTS phones are also Wifi capable and these phones will most happily route their calls through wifi. You don’t see this in ordinary GMS-like networks, because there is almost no roaming inside one country. But roaming through the house I’m visiting (even though I’m not calling) with automatic roaming on the near-by wifi will be a different beast.

Concluding this rather not too clear piece, I think that the proponents of the data retention regulation have a lot to gain with a properly implemented e911/112 service. The other way around not so, it will even drive costs up.

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